Limousine service reservation is made by client with full acknowledgement and agreement to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Dolce Vita Limousine requires a major credit card to process reservations or reservation balance via Stripe or PayPal. The total cost of the service must be collected at the time of booking the service. Overtime will be charged (subject to agreement with the customer) according to the rate in force. Customer waives any and all claims of liability, loss, injury, damage or theft. Disrespectful and rude behavior is not permitted. This will result in the immediate termination of the service and no refund will be provided. Furthermore, smoking is not permitted in cars. The customer undertakes to maintain completely legal behavior during the service period.
    Stops during your service should be prearranged before the service starts. Due to the size of our vehicles our drivers need to know all stops in advance. These precautions are for the safety of each passenger as well as the vehicle. Unscheduled stops are at the driver’s discretion. All pricing are based on original route, destinations and stops. Please contact the office to get pricing for adding any extra stops or adding more miles after booking your reservations.
    Additional charges may occur for waiting time. There is no extra charge for the first 60 minutes of wait. After 60 minutes we will apply our hourly rate. For all arriving flights, meet the driver at arrivals, unless you have already scheduled to meet him elsewhere. The driver will park the car and wait for you inside the airport. To avoid a no-show penalty, do not leave the airport before calling the office for assistance. The number is: +393316109183.An extra €30.00 surcharge will be applied to any trip between the hours of 8:00 PM to 8:00 AM, and certain designated holidays.We will check the status of your flight at no additional cost. However, we are not responsible if your flight is delayed or if you arrive early. The customer is responsible for determining the scheduled pick-up time, delays at customs, baggage, or delays due to the airline or within the airport. Any extra time charges due to customs clearance, baggage claims, waiting for other flights, meeting friends, or time spent at the airport will be charged a 60 minute overtime rate.
    Drivers are not authorized to exceed the number of passengers indicated on the vehicle description, nor to travel with luggage on the front seat. This is in violation of state law and insurance guidelines.Client assumes full responsibility for Client, Client’s guests and/or Client’s affiliations. The customer is responsible for all damage to the vehicle. The minimum initial charge for damages will be as follows: €150.00 for vomiting, €500.00 for each burnt cigarette, €100.00 for chewing gum/glitter on the carpet, €150.00 for each upholstery cleaning operation caused by the customer .Dolce Vita Limousine cannot be held responsible in any way for traffic conditions, flight delays, mechanical difficulties or any other unforeseen circumstances.
    1. The customer authorizes Dolce Vita Limousine to charge the credit card on file at the time of booking and agrees that if the service is canceled for any reason before or during the service, no refund will be issued, without exceptions.
    2. Cancellation within 25 days of the service date 100% of the entire amount.
    3. Cancellation between 25 and 15 days from the date of the service 50% of the entire amount.
    4. NO refund within 15 days of the date of service.
    5. If service is suddenly terminated, no refund will be issued, as all fees are deemed earned at the time of payment.
    6. We are not responsible for acts of force majeure. Including, but not limited to, closures of locations where our customers travel, flight cancellations, airline policies or delays, intra-governmental travel restrictions, for traffic conditions, mechanical difficulties or any other unforeseen circumstances.

    All online reservations must be made at least 12 hours before the pickup time.

    For shorter notices call our office on: +393316109183.

    Reservations made online are to be considered “Pending”. They can only be considered accepted when the customer receives the confirmation email. We recommend contacting us first to check availability to avoid misunderstandings.

    We would like to specify that our cancellation policy is a way to primarily protect our customers who have booked as we care about taking care of every service down to the smallest detail, and ensuring that you find immaculate vehicles upon your arrival. We are not interested in quantity but quality.



    Prices may vary during special events such as New Years Day, New Years Eve, Busy Days, Holidays, Peak Periods and Long Distance. All special pricing cannot be combined with any other coupons or promotional codes. Some restrictions may apply.
    1. Prices are based door to door.
    2. prices are inclusive of all costs, extra costs will be applied.
    All one-way journeys, to airports or stations, or any other destination, must be specified.
    Our booking system does not accept reservations with a minimum of 12 hours before the pick-up time, reservations sent are not to be considered confirmed as they must be accepted by our office.
    Smoking of any type of cigarette or vaporizer is not permitted in our fleet vehicles at any time.
    No alcoholic beverages will be permitted or permitted in vehicles with passengers under the age of 16 without the presence of a legal guardian. The consumption of alcohol by a minor is never tolerated under any circumstances. Alternative drinks are available upon request at an additional cost.
    1. The Company will not be held responsible for late arrivals caused by, but not limited to, traffic congestion, mechanical failures, incorrect pickup and drop-off information, acts of nature, or circumstances beyond the Company’s control.
    2. The Company does not guarantee the outcome or results of any trip, including customer enjoyment, enjoyment, timely arrival at a destination, entry into any event or venue, parking at the main entrance of a place/event, etc.
    3. If the company for any reason incurs any liability, its liability shall not exceed the amount of the fee the company received from the customer.
    The possession, sale or consumption of any type of narcotic or illegal drugs is not permitted. Violations will result in immediate termination of the contract and services and forfeiture of all deposits paid and service fees.
    While we are happy to allow you to bring personal items, Dolce Vita Limousine assumes no responsibility for items left in the vehicle during or after completion of services.
    All vehicles are quoted based on availability at the time of booking. The balance of the total amount is required at the time of booking and is non-refundable if it does not comply with our service cancellation policy.
    Dolce Vita Limousine reserves the right to change the vehicle at its discretion if the original vehicle requires servicing, is unsafe for the road, has been in an accident or is unavailable.
    1. Any changes to client’s original order and to client’s original specifications shall be subject to additional charges where appropriate. Therefore, should client request an increase in the duration of service, additional charges shall apply. Changes to the pick up location may also be subject to a rate increase. Other changes, such as the number of passengers, destination, etc. will also be subject to additional fees. Where applicable, overtime rates shall be billed based on the listed basic charge. Should client opt for a decrease in the duration of service, reduce the number of passengers accompanying client during the trip, or request to be driven to a shorter destination, the basic original rates shall still apply and client shall be responsible for payment of the originally stipulated charges.
    2. Client shall pay the full amount for the reserved number of hours and days even if client uses company’s services for less time and days, or even if client does not use company’s services at all. Client agrees to pay the minimum number of hours set by company or client in advance, whichever is higher. Should client, for any reason, not be able to use the vehicle for the entire period of the contract, client shall be liable for payment in full for the amount of time the vehicle and company’s services were used.
    3. Company’s fare is based on an hourly rate and mileage. Therefore, if client is unable to use the vehicle & company’s services for the entire agreed period of time due to traffic delays or any other reason, client shall still pay for the originally stipulated hours and mileage.
    4. Company’s rates are subject to change without notice.
    5. All parties shall and must resolve all arising disputes or claims in the court in Italy.
    6. No company employee, chauffeur or representative can modify any part of this contract.
    The specifications of the vehicle supplied to the customer are listed in the Fleet section on our website. The vehicle was carefully inspected by the company management, by the driver before the start of the service and periodically by the dealership. The customer understands that the vehicle will be re-inspected by the driver and company management immediately upon return to base. Should any new damage not indicated appear inside and outside the vehicle after the re-inspection, the customer will be fully responsible for such damage. As a result, the customer will be charged for any significant and excessive repairs or cleaning costs incurred by the company. The decision regarding unusual wear or damage to the interior and body of the vehicle rests solely with the Company. The Company will make every effort to provide an identical vehicle – in terms of model, dimensions, etc. – at the customer’s request. However, the company does not guarantee that an identical vehicle will be available for use by the customer and will not be responsible if an identical vehicle is not available on the date of service. If the requested vehicle is not available, the company will upgrade the vehicle free of charge to the customer. The Company, at its discretion, will dispatch a vehicle based on availability on the day and time of service.