MEETING POINTS, Where I will meet my driver?


You will meet your driver at arrivals, he will have a sign with your name and will also have your telephone number. The driver will check the flight for any delays or advances and will be ready to welcome you.
If for some reason you can’t find us please call +393316109183. We kindly request that you don’t leave the terminal before finding us.

Train Station:

You will meet your driver at the platforms, if the station allows it. Usually at Napoli Centrale station the pick-up is at the gate in front of platforms 23/24.
It will have a sign with your name and it will also have your phone number. The driver will check the train for any delays or advances and will be ready to welcome you.
If for some reason you can’t find us please call +393316109183. We kindly request that you don’t leave the station before finding us.


You will meet your driver at the entrance of the hotel, if the hotel is located in a non-vehicular area the driver will tell you the meeting point or you will specify at the time of booking, or before the pick-up, where you would like to meet him.
The driver will have your phone number and will notify you before the pick-up time.
If for some reason you can’t find us please call +393316109183. We kindly request that you don’t leave before finding us.

The above is also valid for all other types of accommodation (B&B, holiday homes, villas, etc.)

What happens if my flight/train details change?

Please inform us by email or by phone with your new details.
We do not guarantee the availability of a car if the pick-up time is different from the agreed one. We include 1 hour of waiting from the selected time, after that time (subject to availability) we will apply our hourly rate

What happens if my flight details change and I do not have new flight details?

Please inform us by email or by phone and keep in touch until you have the new flight details.
We are not responsible for delays, cancellations or changes due to your airline or train company. In the case of new times or different day of arrival, a new booking is required.

However, we will do everything possible to guarantee the booked service, in compliance with our policy.

What happens if my flight is delayed?

We will be monitoring your flight. Waiting charge with Meet and greet Service will only be added after 60 minutes of free waiting, over 60 minutes we will apply our hourly rate.

If my flight arrives early will my driver be there?

Yes. We always monitor your flight to ensure your driver and vehicle arrive on time even if you flight is early (if we’re not busy on other services).

How long before my flight departure should I arrive at the airport?

You should aim to arrive 2-3 hours earlier for international flights unless for domestic flights. But always check with the Airline.

Do parking and toll charges included for the fare?

Parking and toll charges are included.

Will I be notified when my driver arrives?

You will be notified with a Text that the chauffeur arrived and the location. Airports/Train stations If you requested meet and greet service driver will wait with a name-board outside the arrivals/platform. The same if the pick-up is from a specific address (Villa, B&B, Holiday house, etc.).
For Hotel Pick-up we will communicate with the concierge asking to call the room but in any case a text will be sent to the phone number provided.

What is “Meet and Greet”?

The driver will be at the airport holding a board with your name or your company name to meet and greet you and out of the Arrivals and will help you with luggage.

Does children count as passengers?


Do you provide baby/child seats for children?

Yes, we have baby/child seats available. You can select them in the extras at the price of 10.00€ per baby seat (the cost is due to washing and sanitizing after each use)


Will my vehicle be clean?

All vehicles are washed daily and regularly sanitized.

Will my vehicle will be safe?

Yes, All our vehicles are state-of-the-art, regularly reviewed and covered by an insurance contract that protects all passengers.

How old are your Vehicles?

our vehicles are less than 5 years old.

Will the Vehicle have umbrellas?


Will the Vehicle have bottled Water?


Can I charge my phone in the Vehicle?

Yes. The vehicles are equipped with USB ports to facilitate the use of cell phone chargers and other devices. Specific cables are not present on board..

Are you allowed to smoke in the Vehicle?

No, Dolce Vita Limousine maintains a strict non-smoking policy in all its vehicles.

Can I eat and drink in the Vehicle?

We usually allow to eat or drink in the car (the water bottles are provided in all of our vehicles) but please kindly ask the driver.

Do you have entertainment in the Vehicle?

If you wish to listen to music please request it to your driver. We offer free Wifi and you can watch Netflix on the screen in the front of your seat, if the vehicle selected has it.

Drivers FAQ

What will my driver wear?

Our drivers will wear a suit, shirt and tie with smart polished dark shoes to perform the Services.

Will my driver carry my luggage?

Yes, drivers will always offer to help you with luggage.

Will my driver open the door for me?

Yes, Drivers will always open the door for you.

Will my driver respect my Privacy and confidentiality?

Guaranteed, all of our drivers have signed a non-disclosure agreement.

Will my driver drive safe?

Yes, drivers will drive safe all time within the legal speed limits.