Napoli Archaeological Museums

On a visit to Napoli with a private driver, the first thing you are likely to notice is how busy the place is compared to most parts you will see on a trip to Italy. It is often compared to Manhattan, New York but the pizza is better in Napoli and there is more than enough about this city to make for a very interesting experience.

The National Archaeological museum is filled with incredible relics from nearby Pompeii with sculptures, mosaics and many personal items on show, that were recovered in the wake of the Mt Vesuvius eruption. The archaeological museum is one of the best museums in Italy filled with frescoes, art and historic artifacts.

Napoli Cathedral (Il Duomo)

Another place which you do not want to miss in Napoli is the Duomo, which is an ancient Cathedral erected in memory of the Saint of Napoli. The Feast of Gennaro is also held here each year on 19th September in which the vials of the patron Saint’s blood are taken out to see if the blood liquefies.

Outside, you will find the street of Spaccanapoli which divides the historic city center. This is a particularly pretty area to explore on a tour with cobblestone streets, stalls etc and the perfect chance to watch local people going about their day as you take a stroll. Then on to San Carlo Theater, which your tour guide will tell you is often referred to as the most famous opera house the world which hosts the biggest performers in the world on a regular basis.

San Severo Chapel

Meanwhile, when you visit the San Severo Chapel, you can experience a much smaller world with a big atmosphere. The painted ceiling is a sight to see in itself, while the spectacular statue inside of the crucifixion of Christ is not to be missed. The building has an exquisite layout with many famous works of art.

Maybe you have also heard of the Napoli Bourbon Tunnel? This is a truly unique attraction which travels 30 meters into Mount Echia and displays over 500 years of Neapolitan history. Lastly on a trip to Naples, the Maschio Angioino which is otherwise known as the New Castle is a huge medieval castle with a museum, gallery, beautiful art and amazing views of the city.

You can take a tour of Napoli with a private driver, but their are also some great options for luxury tours.

Castel Nuovo

Castel Nuovo (Maschio Angioino, is a medieval castle located in front of Piazza Municipio and the city hall Palazzo San Giacomo in central Napoli)


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