The Amalfi coast has it all, lush countryside, beautiful hillsides, perfect weather and scenery straight out of a fairytale. The food will put a smile on your face, the locals make you feel welcome, the weather will give you a warm feeling and the wine will make you fall in love – The Amalfi Coast has it all.

Here is a list of the main towns to visit on the Amalfi Coast:


Amalfi is the main town which draws the crowds on the Coast and so naturally, it is not the peaceful retreat that many people seek out on a trip in these parts. However, it is steeped in history and if you don’t mind sharing the space with other tourists, the architecture, food and fun holiday atmosphere make this a great place to stay on the Amalfi Coast.


Ravello is one of the most peaceful towns you can stay in on a tour of the Amalfi Coast, it is situated in an ideal location with spectacular views and a very personal feel to the town. It is not on the water so if you were expecting to go for a swim, this would not be the place.


One of the busier towns in the evening, Positano has a great nightlife to cap off a relaxing day spent walking around the small streets in town. The centre of this town is at the very bottom of a very steep mountainside and the line of restaurants along the oceans edge make for a beautiful setting at dinner time.


Another town with a local feel to it, Cetara is a favorite for holidaymakers with a great reputation for having fantastic food, and of course some wine to wash it down. If you want to experience some culture and watch locals go about their daily business, this is a good option.

Sant’Agata and Nerano

As with Amalfi town, you will find yourself right at the very center of the coast and Sant’ Agata is a great opportunity for anyone who enjoys swimming. The food is particularly here so prepare for an overload of taste.

Minori & Maiori

Maiori is very much a quieter town on the Coast with a very nice beach and good selection of restaurants. There is little going on here after dark so expect either an early night, or a relaxing evening. The Amalfi Coast has something for everyone but as with most places in Italy which require transport and organization, it’s always best to take a tour or a private driver. Not only will it save you time and make it convenient, but it will help you discover all the secrets you would otherwise never have known, and the Amalfi Cost is somewhere that has lots of secrets.

The sorrento peninsula

 Is situated in the very south of Italy which is best known to tourists eager to visit the Amalfi coast.

Thousands of visitors take private tours on the Amalfi coast each year and the popularity of the site eventually led to it becoming a Unesco World Heritage site some years ago. This new standing is much to do with the cultural importance of the area and when you join a private driver on a trip to the Amalfi Coast, you quickly learn about all the reasons why this is the case.

A cool winter

A cool Winter follows the Summer but as long as you take a tour in these parts during the latter of these seasons, you are guaranteed to see all the beautiful towns in their full glow, along with all the farming and agricultural regions in between.

Tourism is the main income in each of the towns, meaning there are always fine places to stop along the way, be it for photograph’s, coffee or something to eat. This much may be expected, but nothing can prepare for the moment when you first set eyes on the scenery along this stretch of the Mediterranean; it is simply stunning.

Taking a tour with a private driver on the Amalfi Coast is usually the best way to check it out; the winding roads will mesmerize, the people will welcome and the sight of these fairytale-like villages perched high on the cliff tops will be something you never forget.


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